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ООО "МСК" Очистка поверхностейОчистка после пожара
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Circles on water

Written by kaldirishe on . Posted in Blog

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The effect of "Cicles on the water" is made on the basis of the algorithm Andy BitOff: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Let us take as a material source code of the previous article, and add effects to events OnMouseDown and OnMouseUp. In effect, three properties, CicleWaterState - where to put, Count - the number of steps of the algorithm and Depth - color starting point determines the "strength" of the effect. Also there is a "Delete "Cicles on the water" - cleansing arrays algorithm. So, choose a component, add the three steps in the OnMouseDown and two in OnMouseUp, the first step OnMouseDown add the "Delete "Cicles on the water", put the job at initialization, add "Add "Cicles on the water" in this step and in the other four. Set cwsMousePoint, 5, 1500 , while the effects in the last steps - cwsMousePoint, 150, 1500. steps can now be copied to the events of the other components. Download it from here

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